I disagree with anyone who says licorice tastes good. Because licorice does not taste good. There is no part of licorice that tastes good. In any shape, size or form. I haven’t yet figured out why licorice is actually produced in the first place. And why anyone would want to eat it? It doesn’t look good or appetizing either, resembling something like a car tyre. And who wants to eat their car tyre? So where would the appeal even lie?


44 thoughts on “Licorice

  1. Haha, I had a funny conversation tied to licorice once. I said that I tried this chamomile tea, and I wasn’t big fan of it because it tasted like licorice. Then, they said something about anise, and they had to explain that to me. Then, I was giggling and saying “yeah, I don’t want any anus tea”

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  2. I love black licorice but don’t care for the red (it tastes like perfume to me). But I tried a different brand of licorice recently and ugh, it was horrible! I could see why people would say that they hated licorice if they tasted that stuff! I was told when I was pregnant that licorice eases morning sickness, so I ate it constantly during my pregnancies.

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