My current pile of unfinished books consists of a Dale Carnegie classic “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”, a Rumi poetry book gifted to me by my beautiful friend nia, and below that “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. Non-fiction, poetry and fiction all stacked in a pile next to my bed. Happiness is…


12 thoughts on “Unfinished

    1. I also read how to make friends (can’t remember if I finished it though). One nugget of wisdom I remember is grace people by using their names! Perhaps I should unearth it again if I still have it! Xo

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      1. I am sure you are warm, ask questions and make friends wherever you go, Vonita! 🙂 This was nice that you also read this older book which I have seen updated versions over the years. Take care!

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  1. Nice. I never read books to completion either. Then, I read a technical guide on how to build a guitar (to build an ukulele). That was one of the first books I read voluntarily in a long time. Then, I somehow ended up reading 3 more books in the same year and I was beginning to wonder if I was “a reader”. It was strange because I pretty much despised reading before that.

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  2. I too have some unfinished books. Reading really takes time especially when we are parents haha. I enjoy Carnegie’s books as well. In fact, I translated one of his famous books sometimes ago. Happiness is being surrounded by unfinished books as we can select which to complete. Good luck, Vonita!


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