So this is what I find strategically placed next to my bed. First thing I see every morning when I open my eyes. Remnants of our luxury dream holiday in April – dark chocolate and raspberry squares, courtesy Ghirardelli of San Francisco. (Because who doesn’t want to wake up to the sight of chocolate?) Well, I am no longer eating any, except for these ten squares being carefully rationed. Raspberry covered in dark chocolate. Hmmm, yummo. My luxury!

(I have five left, and being a meany and not sharing 😀)

35 thoughts on “Luxury!

  1. Hey – I like. To give these away at the holidays – some people seem to prefer wrapped and sealed goodies more than home baked – well as long as it is good quality-
    And glad you like the raspberry ones – never tried them – but have had the salted caramel -mint and others. Even tho I don’t have this stuff daily anymore either –
    Oh and lastly – I went to your blog to read this in full and the font color was hard to read. A gray on black ? Maybe it was just me – so FYI

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    1. The raspberry ones are really good! We don’t get them here (Ghirardelli chocolates). Thanks for the feedback re the font color, I went to check and yes it is gray on black, I am able to read it quite easily, but am tired of the colors so will change it! 😀

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      1. Hey – well it was not the bad – but spoke up just in case – but I know it can be fun to change the mood of a blog – and actually my pet peeve is the super light gray (on white back) that WordPress and other sites use as a default – I have excellent vision (no readers) thanks god – but I noticed this last year (6 mos) the gray is super light now.
        Anyhow – I can see why u aren’t sharing – ha! A rarity there!

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      2. I’ve changed my background color, not sure if I’ve made it better or worse (!), been wanting to update my theme for a while, but will need more time to play with the settings properly, so maybe on the weekend ? My kids are not really fond of dark chocolate, hence the no sharing, lol!

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      3. Ha! Got it – and I could feel the light humor – and you know –
        I will think of you now -‘when at certain stores – because for some reason the discount store I go to – called Ross – well I go twice a year for uniform stuff – well near the checkout they have bags of these chocolates discounted – not expired! But on sale and maybe from the company as they move product along in a timely manner – but I have not seen the raspberry 😉
        Last year for the neighbors we had a s’mores one too – but classic dark and milk (or white) are always best!

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