it wasn’t enough

that i had all i ever dreamed of

it wasn’t enough

that i had

a partner

a child

a home

it wasn’t enough

that i was always employed

always healthy

always having a place to go

it wasn’t enough

that i never had

one day of hunger

one night of cold

one day of heat

one night of wanting

one day of going without

the heart is always hungry

always wanting

always craving

always demanding

always seeking

always dreaming

always wishing

nothing was

nothing is

nothing ever will be


Dreaming Wishes


I wish
When you make friends, you could keep them forever
I wish
When you feel sad, your sadness could be waved away like feathers
I wish
When night-time arrives, your dream will be one to treasure
I wish
When your fingers start to burn, there will be verses to write
I wish
When you feel pain, there will be those who would take the time
I wish
When you have something to share, there will be those who care
I wish
When you kneel to pray, your prayers reach where they need to go
I pray
For happiness and love, and all things good
I wish

Dedicated to my niece
Who is sixteen today
And far away

Wrap-around Porch

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Plot of Earth.”


I would build a home with a wrap-around porch, furnished with chairs and jugs of sparkling water with slices of lemon added (instead of lemonade).

I would sit on the porch and admire the scenery, and finish all my half read books. Because now that I blog, I ain’t never gonna finish any of them.