Fake Laugh

Apparently I have a ‘fake’ laugh. My daughter always points it out. It is her mission to make me aware of it. Often when she, or someone else, is saying something and a response is required, I will laugh. And then she responds, ‘fake laugh’. And so it goes. It happened again today!


18 thoughts on “Fake Laugh

  1. Oh, dear … My girls said the same thing to me often enough.
    “Need not to laugh when it is not funny, Mommy!” or “Need not to say a word if you know not how to respond!” Then I asked them where did they learned all that from you?
    “You!” They replied justly. LOL

    But I think, we all do sometimes – just to cover up what you rather not want to say or that you are just covering up yourself. We are just human, anyway.

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    1. Oh I’m so glad you shared this! Good to know it is to be expected, I’m hearing about my shortcomings often lately, I mentioned the fake laugh last night and she retorted, I tell you at least twenty times a day. Really? As much as that?

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