First Car


My very first car was metallic green. It looked like the one featured here. I bought it in December 1997, and it was stolen in March 2000. It was recovered a few weeks later, completely stripped and hardly recognizable. The insurance company was resisting payment, it was one of those occasions I needed a man to stand up for me, my father took on the fight and they paid the next day. And so it goes, I had a similar incident last week, which I’m fairly certain if my husband had taken on, would have resulted in a different outcome. Or perhaps I am just not assertive enough. I think that is what it is!

8 thoughts on “First Car

  1. I’ve grown up in a boys world and it’s not fun.
    My father taught me car mechanics at a young age. Very useful skill for anyone. However, I always knew when the garage was F-ing with me on repairs. I would have to ask why they were going to charge me for stuff my car didn’t have. Talk about pie on their face. That’s about the time when they would stop starring at my chest and actually look at my face, knowing I meant business!

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    1. Another thing I find is that women are expected to smile and look pleasant (pleased on the eye). Moreso than men, otherwise we get accused of having a resting b*tch face! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

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  2. I once painted a pickup truck that color of green. Then I made a beautiful tuck and roll seat cover for the inside. I must have been crazy to do all that work. I loved that truck. Then my husband took it when he left me.

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