Quirky Habits

I haven’t seen the inside of a box of cigarettes lately, but when I was growing up, there was always a loose piece of paper at the top. My late mother used to always roll the paper while she was watching something on the television, or reading a book. I guess it kept her hands busy. Other times she would be quite adept at knitting, but if there was no knitting happening, out came the paper rolling!

My quirky habits include talking to myself aloud. Β It happens often. I also have a habit of pulling out my hair. Quite literally. I search for any straggly ones and if I discover one, I yank it out! All these straggly hairs started when I was pregnant, must have been a hormone thing that stayed. Or maybe that’s just when I first noticed them. Some strands look like alien strands. Where did this hair even come from? TMI, lol! πŸ˜€


13 thoughts on “Quirky Habits

  1. My Baba used to smoke. She had schizophrenia which developed when her post Partum depression wasn’t treated, But she was a stay at home Mom and did what she could. My Mom always told me how for something to do she smoked. I think disgusting habit but at least she stopped when I was little. And now she’s like 94 and doing great. Mentally suffering from old age issues such as memory loss but not too bad at all. Thanks for sharing your story about your Mom and about you.

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  2. Do you still pull “straggly” hair even now? I think I saw one series in Taboo where a girl also had a similar habit. But it has gone uncontrolled and she lost a lot of her hair and she’s not even 20 years of age.

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