Santa Claus

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “When Childhood Ends.”


I recall an ‘adult’ coversation I had with my mother when I was all of six. I remember receiving a little black radio for Christmas amongst a whole lot of other gifts. I went to my mother in the kitchen and asked her to be honest with me. Does Santa really exist? She turned to look at me, are you wanting to know the truth? Yes, I replied, I’m here to ask. She said to me, your Dad is Santa and the gifts are from him. I felt so grownup to be told the truth, and to be in on the ‘grownup’ secret. It was strange looking at the gifts and knowing that they were not randomly selected by Santa, but by my father himself.


8 thoughts on “Santa Claus

  1. oh I also asked my Mother that question but her answer was different. She explained the origins of the myth and explained that the spirit of the season was alive and strong. I have believed ever since.

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  2. I remember all the wonder of gifts as I grew up, though they were few because we were not materially rich. We had a stocking usually and one main gift, an annual comic compendium, “Oor Wullie” or “The Broons” or “Dennis the Menace”. I also remember the Christmas when Mom asked me to help out with the stockings, and gift wrapping, which revealed the realities and took away the magic……

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