Wishful Thoughts

I would love to see the U.S., Canada and ‘travel the world’. When I was growing up, international travel was out of reach for my family. It was considered an unnecessary extravagance.

After I started work, I was focused on saving for a home, and wishing for a family, so travel was not high on my agenda. (I wanted a husband not a holiday Lol!) Our island honeymoon planned in Mauritius was canceled due to a cyclone hitting the island, and all flights halted. And then kids arrived. Nowadays my international trips seem to be reserved for going back to South Africa every few years.

Unless I make it a priority above all my other priorities, international travel and ‘seeing the world’ may just remain wishful thinking.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Reach.”

Write about the one X that got away — a person, an experience, a place you wanted to visit. How much would you change about your life to have it within reach again?

15 thoughts on “Wishful Thoughts

    1. I was going to mention Liechtenstein as one of the places I would love to see, and of course it’s all about people so would pop by to say hello, Erika! Going back to South Africa is so expensive, but if I don’t go then I don’t get to see my family so that is the dilemma. Thank you for your wish, it will happen and if not I’ve been blessed in so many other ways. My husband and children are a blessing every day xx

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      1. Awh, that would be so awesome to welcome you here! Vonita just know that you will always find an open door and a private tour guide when you are here! 😀


  1. Wonderful blog! I hope you get to travel soon, while your still young. Maybe, Mom and Dad can take a month and go see some of Europe while the kids stay at some family? Just a thought. I would like to travel too! Italy, Greece, France, and the Netherlands top my list!


    1. Thank you so much! I would love to see Europe too (including Switzerland and Liechtenstein!) We moved to Australia 8 years ago and have no family here (my children are growing up with no grandparents or cousins). We’ve been blessed with a new country so there is much to be thankful for anyway! 🙂

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