On Fire

Today I’m on fire. I’ve had a slow cooker cooking today, and this evening I put one of the hot plates on by mistake. Not realizing the cord of the slow cooker was on the plate. My laptop power tripped and when I looked towards the kitchen, I saw red flames. My reaction was a bit delayed. I stood looking at the fire thinking to myself, there’s a fire. In slow motion. Now what? Okay, calm. Fire. Calm. Put. Out. Fire.

I grabbed a tea towel and fortunately the fire was small enough for me to put out with a tea towel.

My reaction was very similar to a time when my daughter aged three, nearly drowned. She was submerged, and I was two swimming lanes away from her. My mind went into slow motion. Daughter. Underwater. Drowning. Save daughter. I waded across calmly and yanked her out. Just in time.

Dinner is nearly ready?

14 thoughts on “On Fire

  1. …so so glad it was not more serious and very well done you on staying so cool and calm…as when you saved your daughter. Phew! We look back on all these moments, and we have all had them, especially as parents and wonder, how did I ever get through all that! Deep inner intuition? Wisdom? Just glad you and yours are all safe and hope dinner was awesome! Take care now… 🙂 xx

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    1. Lol, the dinner was in the slow cooking so it survived unscathed, it was just the house around it! We so often hear about burning houses and people getting trapped here in Australia, I’m so thankful no real damage was done! And that I was at home!

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    1. Thank you so much merryfairy. Sadly, a little boy of four years passed in a fire yesterday, he was on holiday with his parents and they lit a fire in the fireplace that must have spread when they slept. It has touched me so deeply and made me so, so sad!!


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