22 thoughts on “Instant Remorse

  1. Irresistible, irrevocable words –
    Bursting the dams,
    Crashing the bridges,
    Hurling life into unknown.
    Irrepressible, irresponsible words –
    The shell off the flesh,
    The veil off the face,
    The brace off the heart.
    Irredeemable, irreducible words.
    Why have you escaped
    My heart,
    My mind,
    My thumbs?

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  2. There is another side to the story. How many times we wish we had said something but we didn’t because we were too afraid.
    Great piece. It seems our tongue has a mind if its own!


  3. Just found your blog — looking at today’s Daily Challenge Photo — always happy to find other poetry sites! Love this poem — such a truism you’ve put into poetic form here. And the shape follows the sense of the poem….blurting out the words it’s big, bigger, blurt….then wanting to take them back as in getting smaller, smaller, smaller. Really like this!
    And, the watch with time — excellent poem and image for the challenge!
    My poems are scheduled a few days out here….so won’t get to the Symbol Challenge for a bit….but so enjoyed discovering your site! Stop by and take a gander some time….I especially love chatting with other poets over my morning coffee 🙂

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  4. Remorse for saying what you said or regret for not saying them ever, it’s a choice we have to make. A balancing act if there was one!
    Your poetry is simple truth put into words; and so very well, too!

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