My Career

At my graduation May 1996, a month after I lost my mother.

At my graduation May 1996, a month after I lost my mother.

I studied a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in Computer Science and Applied Math. I loved the Applied Math and could have continued with financial math and quantitative management after my initial degree. But decided not to do so.

A few years later I unearthed a document at home. I had been granted a bursary to study my honors degree in computer science (all expenses paid with spending money), but decided at the time not to accept. I had been offered a graduate position at IBM and decided to work instead.

My roles have all been in software development. The first few years I specialized in IVR (interactive voice response) technology and speech recognition. Also integration services around these applications. With the advent of mobile apps the speech and IVR applications are becoming less relevant. I started writing in C and then progressed to Java.

And now I write in poetry!

10 thoughts on “My Career

    1. I’ve always focused on the left side of my brain, have never resonated with being creative. I’ve always written but only diary scribbling privately. I wrote my first poem October 2013 when I started a blog to post some prose I had written, and enjoy the poetry, a new skill I unearthed 🙂 thank you for reading and commenting! Am nervous posting non-poems as I am unsure of the reception and it is something new for me too 🙂


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