Yellow Bus

A single bus and then repeat
In a straight line proudly stand
Awaiting their journey’s start
At leisure while in another place
Travelers anxiously strain
For a glimpse of that expected view
Hoping for that splash of yellow
Or maybe today, perhaps, there might be red?


10 thoughts on “Yellow Bus

    1. Hello, you’re back 🙂 How are you? This was a previous post I reposted 🙂 because it fitted the theme. I am procrastinating, have my day job to do on the weekend. And because of that I am filled with inspiration for my blog 😦


      1. I’m good, glad to have a little relief from my exams but university is still in full swing so still a hectic routine.

        And what’s better than to have some inspiration, go on write and save some in drafts to post for later.!

        Have a great week ahead 🙂

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