Flowers offered in peace
To do what flowers do best
Offering comfort
Offering relief
But none is taken
None is found
Because there is no balm
When three young hearts
Farewell their mother
And parents lose their son
New week’s morning transformed into a
Lifetime of mourning

8 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. Such an unprecented tragedy! Australia’s forever been one of the most peaceful countries I know, the world over! It’s such a rude shock that something so gut-wrenching could just happen in the way it did! Like a bolt from outta the blue! *sighs*

    May the Good Lord rest the souls of the departed and may their loved ones left behind be granted the fortitude to bear the irreparable losses of their own IJN, Amen!

    Nice poem Vee, indeed; there’s no balm! Who has ever gotten past the loss of their children?!

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