Tears of Joy and Strife

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Extreme Tale.”

It was the best of times
It was the worst of times
Thinking of these lines
First thoughts in my mind –

I hate it, I love it
When web services do not work
It can bring me to my knees
Why oh why oh please!

Troubleshoot and analyze
Sleep a luxury, no time to eat
Life comes to a halt
Because I have code that doesn’t run!

Managers, deadlines, clients
Breathing down my neck
We have a plan, don’t you know
Yeah I know, and I have code that doesn’t run!

What to do, what to do?
Calm down, breathe, make some tea
I have no time to sleep
Until finally

Sweet finally
After days and nights
Tears and strife
A few changes here and there

And we have success!
Oh sweet code, alive
I have a result!
Tears of joy, fall to my knees

Highs and lows
Moods and swings
Roller coaster work
Roller coaster life

6 thoughts on “Tears of Joy and Strife

    1. Thank you, writing poetry is so much easier than writing code that doesn’t run 🙂 actually writing code that doesn’t run is the easy part! It’s the getting to work part that can be slightly tricky at times 🙂


      1. Yes, I am a software developer (certified Java Developer), and next year I sm going to write a Pasdion through Poetry mobile app – one poem or inspirational quote per day – set your alarm! On the AppStore coming soon 2015, designed, written and developed by me yay (code and poetry combining two forms of writing!)


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