14 thoughts on “Angular

      1. I would say there is a difference in looking and seeing. I’d like to think that as photographers we have done a better job of seeing. For me there is still lots of room for growth. I’m now reading more about design because I don’t have an understanding of what I’m seeing from a composition point of view and the vocabulary to describe it.

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      2. I have never been a photographer, only since starting my blog and needing images for my writing have I started seeing things in a different light, it seems the first step as a photographer is to start noticing.


  1. Enough angles there to satisfy the Challenge, and as someone earlier pointed out, the curvey building complements the whole.

    (I call such shots pot-lucks) (when I see something I like, and shoot it, with no real destination in mind (yet).

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    1. Yes, it was a total pot-luck shot, had no idea why I was taking the photo or what I was going to do with it. It was taken only a few days ago, maybe Wednesday or Thursday? (I had in my mind – look at all these angles I need to take a photo!) Thank you for the comments 🙂


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