History’s Legacy

Hard Drive has been unearthed
There is a year underneath

2014, can you believe?
That makes it like 200 years old

And what is more
There is a note attached

Very old English
These words we don’t even understand

A note from the owner
The name is Vonita

What would be written?
Handwritten, can you believe?
Captured on paper so antique
Wow, in those days paper was used
Notes all written by hand!

There is a book contained on this drive
It is called Passion through Poetry
In fact there are two books
A children’s book too, Sweet Marigold

And a lot of formatting being done
Mac Pages Enhance button was discovered today
So awesome, it is really a feature of the future

This special day what would it be?
3 November 2014

And there is an image of my mother
That I scanned in today
Taken in about 1954

What would her Legacy be?
What would my Legacy be?

It might not be my books
It might be the lessons I teach my two souls
That they might teach their souls
And on it goes
For years and decades and centuries in turn

My Legacy might not be my words
But then again, it might

Screenshot 2014-11-03 21.05.09


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