13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Coming soon!

      1. I like hot weather in Spain or Italy for a couple of weeks, but ‘swelter’ is not on my list… I remember those ‘unreal hot’ days while living in Henderson, outside of Vegas years ago, walking on the deserts wasn’t so easy… I can imagine that you must be frying now 🙂 on my side of the globe is just typical Irish weather…

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      2. by the way editing, I’ve been once on the workshop of free flow painting and the rule of thumb on the second day was, to set up ourselves a timing or to get a feeling of the end result before the start of painting process, which basically was about to relax the mind and built the trust to the whole process, so you can give it a go, and see what happen 🙂 cheers

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      3. I am applying the formatting to my book. The publishing (self-publishing) company provided me with their version of graphic design – which is not resonating with me. I spent two days filling in a spreadsheet of errata – and after thirty pages of this (yes, 30 not 3!), I figured it might just be better to do it myself. So now I’m learning graphic design. (I thought my work was done, now I have 72 pages to create, I’ve done 2 only another 70 to go!)


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