Everyday I am so encouraged by the wonderful writers on WordPress and the amazing community spirit. I feel strengthened daily by the support of strong, positive, talented friends that I have made. This evening I received the most wonderful surprise, and feel so overwhelmingly touched that I would really like to share it! I have to share it, because I’m bursting with the news, I can’t keep it inside! My daughter was excited to find a parcel in our letter box, and couldn’t wait for me to arrive home to open it. Her dad wouldn’t allow her to as it was addressed to her mother. Can you imagine our surprise when I finally arrived home, and it felt like Christmas! Inside the parcel was a beautifully wrapped gift, so amazingly thought out, I have tears in my eyes! A collection of not one gift, but a whole parcel of different items. My daughter was able to guess a book, and ‘something soft’. We opened it to discover a book of Rumi poems, a beautifully bound journel with Old Istanbul depicted on the front, traditional design table cloth and pillow set, a handwritten letter, and a card with the most gorgeous kitten on the front! So much kindness and love in one parcel, that I do not have any words to express the meaning it has for me. All thoughtfully packaged my dear friend Nia. (Am sharing with permission). Nia has a soft, graceful, beautiful spirit and can be found here:



She is also a cat lover! Thank you, dear Nia, from the bottom of my heart. And also from my daughter, she has already announced that she will cherish the pillow set forever. I am going to have a fight to get them back from her!