A Net of Words



I’ve caught a poem –
Crept up on it quietly
And caught it in a net of words.

Open the lines gently and set it free,
That it may fly
Into the minds
Of those who pass,
So they may say,
Of something that makes them stop
To look and wonder,
Or to laugh or cry,
“I read a poem about this once-
Someone else has felt like me.”

Poem by Anne Bell

Erupting Emotions

I kept my heart as closed as the unopened books standing on the bookshelf waiting to be read. And all was quiet and safe, I lived my life, living day to day, viewing the world in black and white. Until the time came that my heart was pried open and all the passion overflowed like a volcano erupting, destroying any semblance of normality. Overwhelming emotion proving the capacity to love with a force unrecognizable to everything that was ever known before.