Secret Message

For one day only
I will tell you my thoughts
I will write them down for you
Tomorrow they will be erased
What I have to say will all be gone
No trace of these words will ever remain

I would like you to know how much I love you
The pain in my chest when I think of you
The longing to be close to you
The desire of my heart

But it can never be
It will never be
All that will remain
Is a blank page

With no words typed
Or written
No trace of any words
At all

Passing Days

Feelings are fickle. Moods and emotions are high-maintenance. I’ve started this year with a new resolution. To focus on growing. Learning and creating. So now when my pain points are pressed (salt in all my wounds), which happens often, I am acknowledging it, respecting the life within, and letting it go. 
We have only so many days in our lives. Each passing day is one less to live. But for today, we are alive, we are breathing, we are aware. Peace be to you. 


Last night I failed 

I lost control of all my projected composure

My pain points were pressed so deeply 

Pressing into my very being

My heart, my soul, my most intimate self

That I lost all rational thought or reason 

I transported fully into a realm of negative emotion 

Of jealousy so pure and unrefined 

Of jealousy in its rawest form

Overcoming every part of me –

I snapped 

(And it wasn’t pretty)