Love Theme

If my life were a movie
There would be romance
Never-ending moments of
Life and love and joy

Depth of feeling
One with another
At peace with a collected me
Understanding, compromising

Flowing music on repeat
Best friend Miss Meryl Streep
Leading to a life
Lived passionately

Fighting banished, no more
Strife and endless tears –
Heart-renching goodbyes, sensual
Feeling overcoming

Standing on bridges
Being at one with my surrounds
Thankfulness abounding
For each moment I am breathing

“The old dreams were good dreams; they didn’t work out, but glad I had them.” Clint Eastwood


Gift of Friendship

Two souls connect
On this journey of life
Different energies
Complimenting each other

At times one will listen
Other times another will speak
Being together
Being alone


Friends and family too, both precious gifts
That can neither be bought
Nor forced

I love each soul that would count
As being a friend of mine
Cherish the uniqueness of being

Most are unlike me
Which is not hard to be

I would give thanks
More than analyse

Every blessed friend to me

Friends Forever

Go well, Farewell

I would not know why
You would feel the way you do

I would not know what
I would even say to you

You feelings are yours
Your emotions turn me blue

You are my friend
I have always told you so

And if you would feel more
I will have no part on it

There will be no response
For silence is what I do

Any reply – any words you may desire
You will have to write yourself

So go well, my friend

Baby Days

One-Way Street

Nights that never seem to end
Screaming bundles of fleshly life
Lack of sleep and any calmness too
When living each day brings so much strife

It is a cliche, and I will admit
No new parent will agree
But those early times come and go
Babies lives pass so quickly!

If I could travel future or past
It would be to those early days
When little blessings were afforded me
Time passed by in such a haze

If I knew then what fine people
Those tiny bundles would grow into
I would savor each day and night
My baby gifts, I love you!


One-Way Street | Daily Post