Secret Message

For one day only
I will tell you my thoughts
I will write them down for you
Tomorrow they will be erased
What I have to say will all be gone
No trace of these words will ever remain

I would like you to know how much I love you
The pain in my chest when I think of you
The longing to be close to you
The desire of my heart

But it can never be
It will never be
All that will remain
Is a blank page

With no words typed
Or written
No trace of any words
At all


It took three years and then some 

To pull me down 


Make me less than 



My impression is that 


It was all about him.

It took one encounter 

To lift me up 


Believe in me 

And see my smile

My truth 

My worth.

My impression is that 


It is all about us.

No Qualms

I’ve never, ever used the word ‘qualm’ before now, but I can hear my mother’s voice echoing in my ear. He / she has no qualms about lying or being deceitful or hurting people. Or whatever. 

Or perhaps I had no qualms in back-chatting and being cheeky? Which seemed to happen often. I always strived to have the last word. 

Qualm is totally a word my mother used to use. (Never heard my father use it).

Right up there with ‘knackered’.