Find Your Voice

I’m having a bad hair day, said I. Not only that but a bad shoe day as well, and in general I’m having a bad day.

Find your voice, I was told. I never knew my voice was lost, thought I.

And so it was, and so it is, the cycle repeats and my fears arise. My eyes are the first to react. My tightening heart forces the tears to form. Watery pools surface the lens of my sight. I’m triggered and I know it and feel it. I’m living my fear and that’s okay.

I will live it and allow it to be.

I love me.

8 thoughts on “Find Your Voice

      1. So glad, you are better, Vonita. I am good, thank you. Just a crazy busy life and too many plans and visions in my head which I would love to realize… I think one life is simply not enough… lol!

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  1. AWW, I love you too! I can’t imagine that kind of day…oh wait yes I can. I don’t like it when I wear the wrong pants and then my shoes hurt my feet. I was missing you. How have you been? We should catch up! ❤ xoxo

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    1. Hi my friend! I’ve been good thanks, just so busy and trying to learn new things and get up to speed, it never ends! How are you? Yes we should catch up, I’ve been following hurricane Doria, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be affected by it? Xoxo

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      1. Hello there. No we are way too far inland. In the middle of the US so we are safe. But I do have many friends and family that are affected and they all are doing okay! I’m working again so I’ll have to share with you where I landed and what’s up! Thinking of you sweet Vonita! xoxo

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