Force Me Still

I played it safe

I stayed within

The confines of my

Battle lines

I never strayed

Nor looked behind

But onward marched ahead and


It all blew up, right in my face

My best laid plans laid naked down

It is it was it always will

Force me quiet, force me still.

5 thoughts on “Force Me Still

    1. Hi Paul, yes it was exactly that, I was dealing with high levels of anxiety when I wrote that and just wanting to get into a place of stillness and peace xx thank you for reading and commenting

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    1. Thanks Debbie! I’ve been out of work first time in about twenty years so it’s been a new experience for me. I’m seeing a company in Sydney this morning that has been founded by two South Africans who worked at investec and have a few South Africans in their team so am really looking forward to meeting them! Wish me luck 😊

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      1. I wish you great fortune at finding a new job. Hoping they give you a good chance as one of their own. I also worked at Investec many years ago. May it be all that you want and need. Sending much love and light your way.

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