Grains of Sand

How do you stop time?

If only I knew

To capture each moment

And never let go

I would stand in the sea

With my toes in the sand

I would watch the birds fly

As they roam the blue skies

I would feel the cool air

As the sun disappears

And watch the stars rise

With the moon and her light

I would capture each moment

And never let go

If time were not grains

Through our fingers and toes

6 thoughts on “Grains of Sand

  1. Time never stops! Nonetheless, can we suspend are lives within time?

    Time a mysterious, an very interesting subject!

    A thought;

    to travel throughout time, watching or changing history, is for a very few… As for myself,

    i don’t like to move forward in time, however looking back, i do agree upon.. Nonetheless it is very hard an tempting not to make changes.. Which i do fine a crime, however i have a plan or an idea to deliver the silver ship to friends… My reason being, we’ve been set far behind… i’m only trying to place humans in their rightful place with those already fighting for freedom, in the dark reaches of space…

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