20 thoughts on “Submitted!

    1. Thank you, my daughter commented this morning that the page is ‘too busy’, I should have rather reduced the beard transparency somewhat, so I tried that, but I am quite fond of the raw vibrancy as opposed to dimmed transparency! So thank you for you feedback 😀

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    1. Thank you, Linda! I’ve just seen someone else’s portfolio, it is amazing how each one is so very different! I feel completely underwhelmed by mine, but I guess that is the beauty of design, everyone will see something in their own unique way, a bit like writing style as well!

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      1. I’m doing fine tank you, although is really gotten to the point to do a 180 degrees in my life and soon I will enter a detox centre as inpatient, you gonna miss me, hope the have computers over there

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      2. That’s amazing news, yes, I will miss you, but then you will emerge a stronger version of yourself. I also did a 180 and gone back to school and am loving it xx


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