For the past two months I’ve been practicing meditation and mindfulness. It has been helpful in so many ways. Learning more about myself. Accepting myself. Having compassion. 

Yesterday I had a relapse into negative behavior. I reacted in a way that is so typical of how I would normally react, an unwanted reaction that offers short-term relief with negative undesired consequences. So this morning I have been doubling up on my meditation.

And what I love is that there is help! There is strength. A relapse is part of being human. It is not an abnormal, evil condition that dooms us into drowning in the deepest ocean. It is okay. It is to be expected. And what is important is forgive ourselves, get back up and have a renewed step.

Be thankful for those who help us even if we do not like the help they offer. Have gratitude for this miracle called life.

And to live each day, not in abject aberration for our shortcomings and weaknesses, but to accept them, be comfortable in our discomfort, strive to be stronger, and to love.

14 thoughts on “Mindfulness 

  1. It can be very difficult to keep mindful all the time, especially when something happens that triggers our negativity. The important thing is that you can recognise when you’re not being mindful and set out to get back on the path.

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  2. The benefits of mindfulness meditation should never be underestimated. The idea of forgiving yourself for your shortcomings and accepting them and moving on is a vital step in becoming a more mindful and relaxed person. Every human being has his or her own limitations, to not dwell on what is we cant do and concetrate on the here and now. Great article 🙂

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  3. Mindfulness and the freedom it brings are true life savers. To be able to look at a “slip” and not fall into self judgment is a beautiful thing!

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  4. I fell off the wagon pretty badly in the last part of 2017, and now by brain is craving the peace of a regular practice again. I guess it just had to come to it in its own time!

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