Be Inconvenient

It was all of eleven years ago when I sat in a Johannesburg office wanting to see the last screening of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. I had project commitments that needed to be completed, and so I decided not to go. 

This week, I noticed the sequel is being screened at my local cinema. I thought it would be an idea to watch the first one first. And so! Thanks to technology I was able to rent the documentary, and watch it eleven years later.

And this morning I managed to watch the sequel, An Inconvenient Sequel.

Now dear readers! I do not understand how others, as well as leaders (especially leaders) can sit back and deny and / or do nothing. Our planet is crying. Our planet is pleading. Resisting and fighting back. 

The sequel included a two-second Donald Trump insert where we can hear him denouncing climate change, and asking why would we waste our time when we have isis to fight. We see him exiting the Paris agreement. We see him facilititating the production of gas, oil and coal. We see him making climate change jokes. Climate change jokes.

All while Greenland and the ice caps melt. All while Cape Town droughts, Sydney sizzles, tornadoes rampage, floods drown, our planet and life as we know it dies.

My late mother, if she were here, would say (in response to Potus) that the mind completely boggles.

The might of nature and the power of the planet is far beyond anything we can comprehend. We are rendered powerless in the event of major catastrophes. The best we can do at times is to flee. And hope and pray for the best.

And yet. And yet. We do nothing. Trump plays golf, devours his two scoops of ice cream, and utters useless threats. Threatens nuclear war. 

Many thanks to Al Gore. For being the leader that the world needs. For speaking truth. For standing up for what is right and good and true. For making a change.

Trump has children, he has grandchildren. You would think, any reasonable person would think, he might well want a planet for his offspring to grow up on.

Wouldn’t we all?

20 thoughts on “Be Inconvenient

    1. Honestly, when you see him in the same documentary as Al Gore, it is sickening to the core. We have a world-ending crisis on our hands and he makes jokes.


  1. He got into power using racism and sheer ignorance/arrogance of 35% of the American populous, and that too is sickening, that a lot a Americans don’t care enough to vote…… Everything about Trump is sickening,… as I’m angrily thumping away on my key-board here…. Frustrating to say the least

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  2. Wonderful post Vonita. Thank you for standing up for what is right. We just need more people like you, willing to spread the word of our reality to bring this to the forefront.
    Thanks for sharing with us…
    Hope your day is most beautiful…

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    1. Thank you, Michael! I have had a beautiful day, am on sydney time so it is now evening for me 😊 please do watch the documentary if you have a chance! Wishing you a beautiful day too x

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      1. Unfortunately. Alas, Trump is not the whole problem and when he is removed, the problem still exists. Those who support him, make excuses for him, perhaps it is time to take it to Nuremberg, to try these criminals for their war on humanity, their war on nature. If it were ever conducted on the scale commiserate with the offences the first Nuremberg Trials would pale in comparison. Unfortunately, American education had been ‘dummied’ down for decades and they have become sheep only blaming those who are currently the object of their leaders focus. That is to take the focus off those who are ultimately to blame. Thanks Vonita

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