A Dog’s Purpose – Review

I’ve always thought dogs have been created to teach us love. Dogs are love. They only know unconditional love. They will always greet you with a wagging tail, will always forgive, are loyal, will keep you company. Dogs are wonderful.

So it was really heartwarming to see a movie dedicated to this specific topic. It turned out to be a few dog movies rolled into one, courtesy of a reincarnation thread running through the script. The reincarnation thread was a bit random, but I guess it was to fill a purpose. My thinking is to not overthink anything, and just enjoy it at face value. 

I enjoyed it. My eleven-year old did too. Her first comment when we left the cinema was, ‘Please can I get a dog, please?’. Perhaps that is the best review there can be!

5 thoughts on “A Dog’s Purpose – Review

    1. I didn’t, but I think the person next to me did, it seemed to be sad and then move straight away into being happy again. And it had a happy ending 😊


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