6 thoughts on “infatuation

  1. Vonita, this held some hard truths for me, dear friend. I feel sometimes I say too much to men. I expose my vulnerability and this may even sound “desperate” rather than how I hope~ to promote honesty.
    Hope you and the children had a wonderful weekend. 🙂 xo
    It was hectic, sad (one of my son’s adult friends committed suicide after his father died early of cancer recently) and yet the grandies were fun. We saw Boss Baby and laughed. 😀

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    1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Very sad news indeed. I should go watch Boss Baby, laughs are always good. Well, I’ve learnt that I always open up way too much. Never a good thing. Maybe it’s not too late to learn?

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      1. I felt I had at least managed not to see “clingy” but when he felt I seemed aloof, I guess I has gone too far the other way. So much for trying to be independent and a bit mysterious! Lol

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      2. It only works for so long! Appearing the way we would like to appear. I can feel your pain, Robin. Dating is always hard, the relationships that have worked out the best for me is when the person has got to know me outside of the context of a relationship, where I have been ‘normal’ instead of ‘being in a relationship’, and having it progress from there has been a natural progression. ‘Dating’ from first basis has never really worked out well for me. Also one reason perhaps is that (a form of) intimacy has been entered into, which already clouds a woman’s vision (I think more so than a man), and we then tend to overshare? Atm, all my anxiety is mind-created, so my one job is to heal myself. Blessings to you xx


      3. You will like the sweet message to older siblings about how nice it is to have a baby (younger) sister or brother and laugh at some of the adult jokes which were sent out to parents. We liked this as much as, “Sing” and “Trolls.” Laughing is wonderful, Vonita!

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