With Interest

For the past year and a half I have been paying for  guitar lessons. Not for myself, I might add, rather for my teenager taking lessons. And my investment is being returned. With interest. When he picks up his guitar, I have to stop what I am doing. Stop reading whatever, watching whatever. Just stop and listen. The chords travel right through my soul. Despite all my faults, I’ve added a musician to this world.

My son sure can play the guitar ❤

25 thoughts on “With Interest

  1. This is so nice, my son plays guitar too. Music is great and makes us feel better too. Maybe they are not going to be a Paco de Lucia (but who knows maybe they will be…one day) but with music their life and the people in their life will feel better when they listen to them… Good luck, Thank you dear Vonita, Love, nia

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      1. It was many years ago and my son ws small but learning play guitar. At the beginning he stopped and threw the guitar, because he thought that he couldn’t play. But I said so many times lies to him, “oh, please can you play number 32, or can you play the last one…” they were all his practical pieces that teacher gave and he wasn’t playing nice and also right, actually no one want to hear these time of a student 🙂 But I told my son, how beautiful, can you play this for me…. it worked. Till he learned till he understood my lies…. But it was great power for him… always remembers this. Welcome dear Vonita, you know there is some period for this, maybe it is something like that… but you can request him a play something and feel enjoy with his playing maybe it would be inspiration for him. Love, nia

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    1. I am enjoying it Erika, except for when he stops, then I want to order him to carry on playing, actually I ask him please play some more, but he has other stuff to do. I hear your sigh Erika, everything will pass must enjoy it while I can!

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      1. I once tried to apply for lessons and the lady told me my daughter was too young. I had to explain that the lessons would be for me. She raised an eyebrow at me and said… “Oh, I’ve never had an adult ask for lessons before!” Lol….

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      2. I don’t think it’s that unusual? I went for lessons when I was 25, this was in Johannesburg, and my car got stolen while I was inside. It was too difficult to keep up the weekly practice though, so gave up after a few months.

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      3. It was a shock but not unexpected as that’s what happens in South Africa. I was living alone and no public transport, fortunately the company I worked for had a car that they allowed me to use and in the meantime I had to buy another one before my insurance paid out. Not something I want to live through again!

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