A Sinking Feeling

Last night I stood up a colleague. I had committed to going to an external training event. I had registered, and was all set. We needed to leave 5:30. At 4:30 I managed to get two key engineers on a conference call to complete something. It is for the project I have been working on since January, and this was the last missing piece to tie everything together. And difficult people to get hold of.

At 5:20 my colleague came past my desk. I had my mobile on speaker and my landline on speaker and having a three way conversation. Normally we have technology for such things, but the one person was at a client site and external network in Melbourne, I’m in Sydney, who knows where the other person was, but we were all working on multiple servers via a shared screen on my laptop, taking turns to control 😂

So I couldn’t just get up and leave.

My colleague waited until the last minute and then left. Not very impressed.

An hour later I was done. I jumped in a cab and headed on over. An hour late, but hey, still an hour to go. I couldn’t get past reception. The event is full I was told, and doors closed. But I’ve registered? Sorry, it is full.

So I took a photo of the entrance to prove that I was there, and made my way home.

With an awful sinking feeling.

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