5 thoughts on “Someone Like You

  1. I don’t like that song, to be honest. Too much pretending that all is going to be well while still getting back to whining 😁. But I appreciate Adele a lot! So you were at the concert?

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    1. Yes Erika, I managed to get two tickets yesterday morning (day of concert), so went along with my daughter! 😊 one thing I appreciate is how well she is dressed, excellent role model compared to many of the half-dressed female artists that seem to be the norm today, I was totally comfortable for my daughter to see her! 😀

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      1. Wow!!! That is absolutely awesome! What a surprise to have this spontanteous experience. She must be very charismatic. And I think right because she doesn’t need to appear in certain outfits to make the show. I would love to hear her singing Skyfall live. I love that song!

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      2. Yes she did sing that yesterday, it is amazing how she can fill a stadium two nights in a row, no change of clothing, no being sexualised and half dressed, not sure if she is charismatic or just having a really strong voice, the only thing I didn’t like is the bad language on occasion, knowing that it is family friendly and lots of children in the stadium made it somewhat inappropriate, there wasn’t much but there was a few f words thrown in here and there and while my daughter is old enough to understand, there were many younger children there too!

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