One for the ladies!

Because, sometimes just because!

Was too young to fully appreciate the sheer gloriousness of this man-creature at the time, by oh my, now I sure can.

Need you tonight!!


10 thoughts on “One for the ladies!

    1. I never saw the movie. Just started reading up on michael hutchence and listening to the music again! I was thirteen so a bit young, by my gosh isn’t he drop dead gorgeous!! Really didn’t appreciate his awesomeness at the time!

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      1. The portrayal of him in the movie was so romantic, at least that’s how I’m remembering it. lol. He was troubled too like most of these beautiful creatives. I think it was the love of a woman that did him in, last straw kind of scenario. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but oh man the feel of what I watched is tre bien!

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