Ocean View

Sydney is sizzling, skins are frying, soles are walking on coals, and really there is only one thing to do. 

And that is head down to the closest beach, slap on the sunscreen, hats, rashis and more sunscreen, grab a coffee, and submerge whole body into the cool waters. (My Scottish complexion is really taking strain).


16 thoughts on “Ocean View

  1. I’ve been seeing it on the news here. At least Auckland is a few degrees cooler – only hitting mid 20 s. At least there aren’t the hail storms (yet). It will be interesting to see how Melbourne goes during the Open.

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    1. I’m not a summer person Mandi, I don’t enjoy the heat at all! I would much rather the winter! Was at the beach yesterday, today I’m back home, it is muggy and overcast, not raining but still uncomfortably hot xx

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