What Camera?

I’m going to learn about photography! So I can do justice to roses 🙂 and petals.

University of Sydney is holding a basics course in December. But I need a camera. Does the following even make any sense?

“To participate in this photography course, participants must bring their own camera (DSLR, FourThirds or Micro FourThirds camera with manual exposure controls and RAW file recording capability).”

Yes, I’m a beginner. Have no idea what that even means. What camera should I buy?

18 thoughts on “What Camera?

  1. Dear Vonita, do you have any camera? For photography, (for me) camera is not important, but in the course, they will show things on camera. So,it would be nice to have a digital camera. You should go to a shop and talk with them, as a beginner, they will advise you the best. I started with my very basic camera, it wasn’t digital even. But later, when you learn, you want to have a better one. In here, in course they also want you to bring your laptop too, because they teach the things on PC too. Good Luck dear Vonita. Be sure, the important point is not what kind of camera, the eyes of yours, at first you will see, and then camera will help you to make it visible 🙂 Love, nia

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    1. Dear Nia, thank you for your advice! No, I don’t have any camera, I only take photos with my iPhone. So I need to get a camera for the course. And there is a huge range of cost, so for me I don’t need the most expensive but maybe the cheapest will not be very good. I will have to go to a camera shop as you suggest! 💐💕💐

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  2. I just bought a second hand (refurbished) camera for my first from Amazon.com. It was over half the price of new. Great for a first one!
    That paragraph has many words I don’t know, but dslr = digital and raw is a type of file extension that uses a lot of memory and what photographers like to use to be able to manipulate the photos. I don’t know any more than that! Good luck!

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