14 thoughts on “Classic IT Developer Quote of the Day

  1. lol i get both sides of the coin. I used to develop/BA /Support and honestly if I developed yes damn right it should have worked. Cause I have my standards. But then you get joe Lazy who just cant be bothered. I get both side of the coin here. Both can be right . Sometimes users cant be bother to follow instructions and that why it didnt work – we sometimes wanna fast forward it and we fast forward the vital step.

    LOL all the same.

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  2. This is funny, but true. From a customer perspective, how difficult is it, it is just a button, i submitted it. The customer doesn’t know the pain and sweat that went behind creating that page and the stupid little button. Because the end product is so simple as we have to design simply – maximum 3 clicks. I am an oldie – I am a back end expert in HR and payroll systems, in large databases and process improvement. My last assignment I got introduced to web technologies for the first time with our developer who was also learning. And Oh man – i can seriously say I don’t like web technologies after working on 5th generation packages like Peoplesoft. Web technologies are so weak, that why you have to have damn good internet security in place. For me it should have worked – will always be from the heart – cause I put the hard work effort into it and make sure it was robust. But nothing is robust forever, cause you cant build for each scenarios cause you don’t know what you don’t know. I get both sides of the coin . I am an impatient and sometime unforgiving user too. lust love the post though

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    1. Thank you for sharing, I am half-an-oldie too, I started in Turbo Pascal, C, C++, socket programming, all in the days before google. So I guess that makes me an oldie! Not really doing much with Web technologies, more integration services. It is fun, sometimes. Project work is very temperamental. Sometimes there is an overload, and sometimes there is a drought. All depends on sale cycles. This is what I’ve always done(20 years this year), so it is all I know!


  3. To add – the ironic thing here, I don’t get any of this web technology stuff, widgets, plugins, ahhhhh…. it’s so for me unnecessarily complicated. You can see I am old technie, but i haven’t developed for years. lol

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