I’m Not Pregnant!

Omigosh! In December last year on a very bad #mummyTummy day I climbed onto a crowded bus, and a very kind lady beckoned from the front seat and left her spot for me. Offering me the pregnant seat. I sheepishly sat down and said thank you. It felt too awkward to explain. And have been doing tummy crunches and Pilates ever since. Which have obviously had no effect as this afternoon (first day back at work) I was again fighting my way through the bus crowd. Until the very thoughtful conductor on duty said to me, Oh you’re pregnant, you can get on this bus if you like, I can ask someone to move for you. No, that’s okay, I quietly replied, I’ll wait for the next one.




23 thoughts on “I’m Not Pregnant!

    1. My stomach has never fully recovered from my c-section Erika, and it partially recovers depending on the level of Pilates I do, but some days it just pops out and honestly I do look pregnant. 😢

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  1. Well, I loved this post and try being my age and being looked at like “WHAT”! Unfortunately, my doctor said after 60 years and 5 children my working out three days a week would make no difference. Just accept the seat and keep smiling you’re a wonderful writer…E

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    1. You are very kind, thank you! I’ve been considering options like liposculpure etc and am so tempted, but the cost is prohibitive. My body frame is smaller than my tummy, so larger size clothes are too big for the rest of me!


    1. I feel guilty put into situations so normally I decline but last month the lady got out of her seat and beckoned to me, it was too awkward, but anyway, it’s a fairly big city so chances are slim that I’ll be traveling with the same people every day!


  2. My DIL is 100 pounds overweight due to having a family and being depressed. I feel bad for her, kiss her and tell her “how beautiful she is.” I feel bad since her mother died when she was a teenager and her stepmother died when she was 27. I am her only Mom.
    There is no excuse for people “guessing” and I feel bad for you (and my Trista.) Please accept my sympathy, Vonita. Hugs, Robin

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    1. Thank you Robin! I do have two healthy children, so it is a small price to pay I guess in the greater scheme of things. I am very thankful for your empathy xx


  3. Bless you! I can imagine how you feel, for my sis-in-law has had a similar, albeit very different, scenario recently…she is due in March with her 3rd child, and she has been very “great with child” since early December. She has had endless comments of how big she is, can’t believe she’s got that long, and the over repeated, “Oh, my, girl, you’ll never make it till then!” As you, she just keeps smiling, even though, it pains her, at times, to do so. I admire your gracious demeanor and ever present smile. Keep up the good writing and the gracious smiling. You are a jewel. 😉

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂 the comments are frustrating at times because it has happened more than once, but the main thing is I have children and they are healthy!

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