Vote Oscar!

A Star is Born Round VIII: Imitation of Life

A couple of months into the foray of public blogging, I made a friend with an amazing poet Oscar Plascencia from In So Many Words. Oscar has been a wonderful friend, willing to listen privately while I’ve gone through a couple of emotional meltdowns, and even sketched a beautiful piece of artwork and posted it to me. A couple of days ago Oscar requested that I do a 15-second video on his work and himself, to form part of a 2 minute video for his entry in the “Best Performance of the Year” online competition hosted at Instead of saying no, I decided to move out my comfort zone and try and do this for him. Well, it took me about a hundred takes and eventually gave up, sending the last one I took. If you’d like to support Oscar, head over to the link above and vote now! You might be able to make out who I am in the accompanying video! (I am not an actor by any means lol, but I tried!)

Vote Oscar!!

a star is born round viii

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