Heart and Soul


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Victory.”

Pleased to say I started reading this book gifted to me Christmas 2008, and finally finished it. This sure is a victory. Only took me 7 years to get there. Has anyone else read it? Are there any Maeve Binchy fans? What half-read book to read next?

13 thoughts on “Heart and Soul

  1. I haven’t read that book, cover looks as though it has a Mediterranean flair, I commend you on your patience in finishing the book, surely you must have had to go back and read a few pages to freshen up, either way it’s a great accomplishment

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  2. I thought I was the only person who did things like this…for me the problem stems from an overabundance of books, picked up at library sales, yards sales, inherited…etc. I’ll have to look through my “stash” and see what might be calling to me after your post joggled my memory.

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  3. I can imagine completing a book after 7 years is a Victory! I read Heart and Soul years ago, but, hrmph a wee bit faster than you. With the amount of reading we do for our writing, it’s challenging to just sit and enjoy a book. My pile is growing, much like yours.

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