Truth being spoken, and it is sad to hear. 


Hopefully Soon

I hoped and prayed and wished and tried to force the change I so desperately needed

It was all to no avail

My feeble attempts bore no fruit 

In the end all I needed to do was wait 

Wait for him to cross my path 

Wait for him to magically appear

He has crossed my path

He has magically appeared 

And I cannot wait 

To see him again 

Depression and Migraines

Long term readers of my blog will know that I have suffered migraines for many years.  I have been getting headaches and / or migraines every single month for at least the past twenty years or so (except during my two full-term pregnancies).

But for the past two months I have had no migraines at my regular time. I started light anti-depressant medication towards the end of March. So far I have not missed a day.

So I can see from my personal experience, that there does seem to be a link between depression and migraines. Even insofar that they can perhaps be treated by the same medication.

I feel like I have been given a new life. I am feeling positive. I am obsessing less. I feel strong enough to make career decisions.

On the downside, my poetry is diminishing. It is evaporating from my mind. I put this down to my decrease in obsession. My mind is ruminating less, and therefore less poetry.

However, I see this as a positive thing!



I imagined he would turn around
Right there in the middle of the Sydney Harbor Bridge
Return to me and whisk me off my feet
Tell me I am beautiful and everything he had ever dreamed of
I can taste his lips
I can see his eyes
Imprinted on my flesh

Anyway, I digress.

Did it happen? Did he turn around. Did he return to me
Did he whisk me off my feet