I tried to write poetry –

A word or rhyme or

Rhythm or song

Though all was black and no words would play

Hidden in rafters and kept at bay

So I teased them, I cajoled, I pled

Please words, don’t leave me, I need you

I do

I need your comfort, your warmth, your truth

Eventually they heard they had no choice

But to tiptoe out and make themselves heard

Words you are my lover my friend my foe!

Wherever I am you follow, you go

Take my hand I offer it true

Words you are mine, all mine

You are!


Can I capture time? And preserve it for always. So it doesn’t escape or spoil or merely slip through my fingers. How I long for those days of yore, when children’s laughter filled the home and my heart. When days ahead seemed boundless and never ending. Oh this time is a cruel thing, and so it is. Time heals everything, and yet, it is time that snatches everything in its path as well. A greedy lustful enemy is time.