Rainbow Smile!

A smile is a rainbow

Through the tears

It offers hope and light

And if you ever doubt it’s strength

Just smile with all your might

Let it touch your face

Let it kiss your heart

Allow your smile to have its way

And you will see, you will be surprised

With how it makes your day!


Balancing Act

Every smile has a balancing tear

Every joy is buoyed by pain

Every dawn morphs into dusk

Glaring suns gives way to moon

My heart beats love and blood

My face smiles as it cries

In the stillness this I know

That before my final hour

I am, I breath

I live


In my younger days, especially in those when I began work as an IBM graduate, I had no idea of who I was or where I would like to be.

I remember attending a conference where we heard about vision. The difference between having dreams and a vision. A vision is more concrete. It has a plan. Steps to take. I remember feeling disheartened. I had no dreams or visions. I had no idea where I wanted to be. I wanted some day to be married with children. I wanted to be a wife and mother. And that was about it.

Looking back, I have been blessed in what I wished for. I’m a wife and mother. And I know more about myself now than I ever did. I love to draw. I love to create. I love to write. I love to achieve. And I have tenacity.

Hopefully I still have a few more days left. I still don’t have much of a vision. But I know I want to achieve. I want to be the best I can be. The best designer, the best writer, the best software developer, the best person I can be.

Quicker, Faster, Go!

After three years of constant poetry, photography and general blogging, I have taken a big step today. I have written and published my very first ‘technical’ article on LinkedIn. I always wanted to write one but never knew what to write.

If anyone is on LinkedIn, please do view my article and like it! It would mean so much as a first step in my technical writing journey!

Love and blessings