Dare To Be

Dare to be happy don’t shy away
Reach out and touch the joy of today
Life is for living, give it a try
Open your heart to that sun in the sky.

Dare to be loving and trusting and true
Treasure the hours with those close to you
Dare to be kind it’s more fun than you know
Give joy to others and watch your own grow.

Dare to admit all your blessings and then
Every day count them all over again
Dare to be happy and don’t be afraid
This is the day God willfully made.

Stepping Stone

A stone emerged from the water

Smooth as silk and brown as the bark of a weathered oak tree

Water rushed by hurriedly to its destination wherever that might be

Tentatively I stepped forward

One little step

And there I was

Right in the midst of the gushing stream

The earth stood its ground behind me

The other side was too far

But right in front of me, another stone emerged

Calm and smooth and offering somewhere to stand

My own stepping