Where to from here?

I do not know, I cannot say

Allow the path to open up

Allow each day to make its way

When you arrive, you then will know

When you arrive, there next will be

Another path unknown to go

So take a breath and do not fear

Take a breath for this new year

Take a breath and you will see

Hope for all and liberty!

Yay for 2021

My Poetry

My poetry came back

In time to usher in a new dawn

To calm my nerves, to calm me down

My poetry came back

To caress my hair and stroke my face

And gently lull me down to sleep

My poetry came back

Those words that went astray

Nowhere to be found and none at bay

My poetry came back

For expression, for hope, for comfort

For joy

My poetry came back

It came back


To me.


Can I capture time? Trap moments in a bottle and seal with a golden cork. Oh my darling with your lips on mine and your hips so fine and your tender caresses and your kisses of wine.

Oh my darling I love you so, could you ever really know? Would you ever know the love that flows, a stream that drowns my fears, that washes my tears, that carries me to you again and again and again.

I drown in my sorrow. The emptiness that covers me in black. I’m left with a pitch of death and no escape. My soul screams for love. My soul screams for help. I cry for you, oh my darling, oh my love. Where are you?

An Hour or Few

What would it mean

To see my mother again?

To speak for just an hour or few

We could share so much of

What has been, the days of now

We could speak of how the world has changed

Lives since gone and lives now new

Her dogs and cat and partner ceased

Oh mom – our family, our home now gone.

Oh mom, I miss you oh so much

Every day, every year I miss your touch

A mother’s hand a gift so kind

To every child that’s born

To every heart that beats

Oh mom, I have my own children now

Your grandchildren you would love so much

Oh mom – how I wish!

For you to be here once more

To be here again for another

Hour or few.


I was born in days

When candy was exchanged for

A coin grasped tightly in my hand.

Technology was years away

From being in every home in every land.

I was born in days where I could cycle

To friends and to the park.

I was born when eagles soared the sky

And we could stay outdoors after dark.

I grew up with parents still alive

And their parents

And their parents too.

I grew up with a sister to hold my


I grew up with a sun in the sky

And a moon after dark.

I’m all grown up now.

The same sun is beating down

And our moon –

Our moon still comforts as time delivers

A glowing silver crown.