I Took A Risk

I took a risk and changed my world. I took a risk and stepped outside. I took a risk and all along, it seemed to be my honest prayer. The skies had cleared, the clouds were gone, for one brief time my heart felt strong. But just as soon as all was said, the clouds built up, so grey and dark. They threatened storms, they hung down low, I closed my eyes to make it go. The thunder stormed, the hailstones fell, all peace was gone, replaced by hell. But life is strange, we need the rain, if only to see for once the glorious bow. I took a risk and now it’s done. The door is closed, I must move on. There will be another, a door for me. There will be another, a golden key. So now dear friends, I lay my head, I will sleep for now, to gather strength. For strength I need to see ahead. I need all strength. I must be strong.

Courage and Faith

It’s scary, it sure is. When the rug is pulled from under your feet. I flounder with my flailing arms, grasping for an anchor. Who will catch me, who will care? I throw the question to the air. But this I know and this I trust. I will be lifted to a higher ground. I walked in courage, I walked with faith. And courage and faith will see me right.


I’ve been reading about some truly beautiful role models over at Mum C’s blog. It is so uplifting to read about courageous young women, and their hopes and dreams.

As life goes by, we can forget about dreams and aspirations, just trying to pay the bills and raising kids and keeping all the juggled balls in the air.

But dreams keep us alive! They give us something to live for.

We as women have so much to offer this world. Compassion, empathy, nurturing and just a femininity that we can truly own.

So I endeavor to own it, dream on and live big. Because I can!

Female Role Models: Salamatu Musah Salifu