She’s not gone it cannot be

Oh my mother don’t leave me

You birthed me loved me helped me grow

We argued fought but even so

You’re my mom you cannot go

From this realm, please say you won’t!

But now you’ve left I’m all alone

All alone I need my mom

I need my mom to care for me

I need my mom to help me be

She is gone I’m so alone.


She’s gone

Two words to break my world to crack the floor to rip the heart right out my chest.

She’s gone

Final. Absolute. It’s done.

I fall collapse into a heap I fall I roll into a ball.

She’s gone

No! It cannot be. And yet it is. I’m black I see black I hear black I’m lost within the void.

It’s so black my world is dead I cannot see. Nothing to hold. The emptiness devours me whole.

She’s gone.


Where to from here?

I do not know, I cannot say

Allow the path to open up

Allow each day to make its way

When you arrive, you then will know

When you arrive, there next will be

Another path unknown to go

So take a breath and do not fear

Take a breath for this new year

Take a breath and you will see

Hope for all and liberty!

Yay for 2021

My Poetry

My poetry came back

In time to usher in a new dawn

To calm my nerves, to calm me down

My poetry came back

To caress my hair and stroke my face

And gently lull me down to sleep

My poetry came back

Those words that went astray

Nowhere to be found and none at bay

My poetry came back

For expression, for hope, for comfort

For joy

My poetry came back

It came back


To me.