Being needed is a helpful therapy. It brings purpose to our lives, and a reason for living. There are a few people that need me in their lives. My daughter and I were chatting and I mentioned to her, if anything happens to you or your brother, I will not be able to live, I cannot live without either of you. And she replied, very wisely, yes you can, because your dad loves you and needs you. I said to her, your father would look after my dad. She replied by saying, no, your dad doesn’t need my father, he needs You. 💝

Wise Words

At times it is wise
For writers to sit on their hands
I have found how easy it can be to
Write without filter, without thought or care
Of the power my words may carry and travel
Throughout the globe, hearts connected
When damage is done, to try and amend
But the record is there, no
Backtracking can always be
Done, no apologies can
Always be made, and so
It is time for me to
Be wise, and to
Exercise some
Wisdom for
Words I

Because words have power