Papertowel POTUS

The past few months we have been witnessing a front-row seat to textbook narcissism (thank you, POTUS). This morning I saw a clip of him throwing papertowels to those in Puerto Rico. His lack of empathy and delusions of grandeur know no bounds. He truly is a despicable person.

I needed some papertowels in the kitchen this morning. Oh POTUS, where are you when I need you?

What it means to be Trump

As a pet time-filler, I decided to follow Trump on twitter and read some of his tweets.

What astounds me is how utterly mean-spirited he is. It is very important that he is bigger, better, best (even when he is not), and everyone else is dirt. Unless of course they follow him, adore him, and do what he says. There are no words of encouragement, no trying to lift people up, just put down as hard as he can and glorify his horrid, despicable self.

Question is, how is such a personality created? Are they born with same. Is it parenting. Life situations?