Snatched – A Review

We open with Emily (Amy Schumer) doing some serious shopping for a romantic excursion planned and paid for. She wants to know from the junior if the t-shirt with the cute bird speaks to her. It’s a t-shirt. It does not speak.

No. It doesn’t. But Emily’s boss does because hey! Emily is actually the sales assistant, and the junior is well, only a junior and not an assistant at all. At least not in the store.

She gets fired, and I can empathize because like, who hasn’t ever had a bad day? Her boyfriend obviously, because he’s an up-and-coming rocker ‘going places’. And she is going nowhere, but down to kiss the ground.

And that’s why ladies, we have mothers! To stalk us on fb and actually give a damn about our relationship status. Enter Goldie Hawn, and is that really her? An older version, clearly, but yes. I have always been a fan of Goldie Hawn, ever since she made her private Benjamin kick ass. Emily needed a mother. And Goldie Hawn was a good fit. 

Emily has vacation tickets. To Ecuador! And no boyfriend. Or any friends that care. So she grabs her mama and off they go.

It was fun and funny. Cut to the exposed nipple, full one breast frontal, and omigosh. That’s exactly what mine looks like! Really, I’m not even joking. 

And then they get snatched. And locked in the trunk of a car. But fortunately for them (and us!) they channel their inner MacGuyver and manage to escape.

So we have adventures through jungles and killing locals and pre-cocktail vagina washing and pulling tapeworms out mouths, and rofl. The tapeworm scene is really, really funny. And so is Emily’s brother speaking Klingon. Please, please speak some more. Let me hear me a little foreign!

Emily’s brother is every sister’s nightmare. And every comedy’s hero.

And all’s well that ends well. 

It was hilarious, it was fun. It was comedy. It was chick flicks all the way.

You’re welcome 🙂