Darkness Descending

A shadow without light
Would ne’er a shadow be named
But rather darkness descending
On never ending night

Like moonlight shadows
And shadows with light
A soul’s sore pain echoes
Sweet victory’s delight

One side of a coin
Is one half of a whole
The yin and the yang –
Whole is more than its parts



This past week I have found myself agreeing to do something that someone else wants me to do. It is a big thing I have to do, it is costing me (time, money and emotion), and I am resentful. It gets complicated. We don’t live in a solitary world. Sometimes our actions affect others. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we never chose for ourselves. To have been true to myself and just said NO, would have led to implications on others. So I felt my responsibility, and have obliged.

But now I have a dark black shadow over me. My soul is telling me what it feels. There is no energy or excitement in what needs to be done. Just a feeling of resentment, and a manner of going through motions.

I haven’t been able to visit the WordPress reader this week. The energy from me is gone.