The past few weeks I have been in a very negative space. Ungracious and unkind spirit, and having nothing to share.

But a miracle has happened! I have received so much kindness from others, encouragement and love. It really lifts me up, and makes me want to share. Last night a dear friend from bloggyville contacted me, and was so helpful and encouraging and loving. I fell asleep with that feeling of love on my heart. And I woke up with it, I had the thought, people are so kind in general, aren’t they?

I’ve been thinking as well of how helpful and supportive my manager has been. So, me being Vonita, and doing odd things every day, couldn’t resist walking up to him with a greeting of “people are so kind in general, aren’t they”? That’s a cryptic greeting, he replied. He said people are only kind if they are not feeling like they are being caged in, otherwise they might be lashing out. But you show kindness, he said, that’s why people are kind to you. I said to him, you are one of those kind people too, thank you. And then made a quick escape. And my friend reached out to me again this evening, so encouraging and edifying, sharing a Psalm with me and reminding me, we have God, heaven and Angels on our side. As many angels as we may need.

So have decided to go back to South Africa with that feeling on my heart. Just a feeling of wanting to be kind, and finding the love, when sometimes our nature wants to resist.