Blog’s Birthday! (Verbose)

If ever there was a day
For a twenty-five hour day
It would have been today!

And that’s because from when I awoke
To when I now sit
I’ve been on the go, go, go!

So many people have commented
So many people have liked
So many people have followed

And I have been unable to thank
Or comment
Or like
Or follow

Because I have not had a minute to spare
Let alone an EXTRA SIXTY!!!
But now it is near the end of the day
Midnight creeping up fast

And it’s my Blog’s Birthday!
My Baby Love!
My Pride and Joy
My Piece of Me!

And I am Happy!
So to celebrate
I bought myself a book!

A book of Poetry!
So I can read some Poetry!
And maybe learn to write some too!

Happy Birthday Me!
Passion through Poetry!!


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