Sweet Marigold and Coco

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.”

Introducing you to Sweet Marigold
The heroine of her own adventures –
For children and their bedtime stories

Sweet Marigold woke up in a panic
She had been having a bad dream
About her beloved bunny Coco
And how he couldn’t be found anywhere!

She sat up quickly in her bed
With tears in her blue eyes
And fear gripping her heart
Her golden hair full of bouncy curls

No time to waste – she jumped up
Out of bed, and started to search!
Oh Coco, where are you?
She went to his hutch to have a look

And to her horror and fright –
The hutch was empty, Coco was not there!
Oh no, where could he be?
Where was the bunny she loved?

She looked here and there
She looked everywhere
She looked under tables
She looked under chairs

She looked under bushes
She looked under trees
High and low, and roundabout
Sweet Marigold left no petal unturned

Until finally
Coco! Silly bunny!
For right there in her home
Was Coco lying all at ease

Baby Brother had let Coco out
And made him a paper crown
Her little heart leaped with joy
When she say him resting there

She gave her bunny the biggest hug
And held him close to her chest
Feeling his heart beat against her own
Two young hearts beating as one

Filling her with love and joy
And happiness in her heart
Her worry and fear was gone
And all was right in the world