Two Poems – Because Waiting

Poem Number One

If its coffee I’m waiting for
I would like it now please

Both my babies I had to wait
An inordinate amount of time for –

Being held to wait
For their father to arrive

And then another nine months for each
Well, I was young, or should I say

I was younger than I would be today
And so my patience is no longer

As it was in the fountain of my youth
And because it will be

Another whole day before
Midnight Post re-appears

The waiting is too long
And so *just for fun*

I have written not one
But Two Midnight Posts

And I cannot decide
Which is the preferred

Because I am due a coffee
And so my brain is refusing

To answer the question for me
So without further ado

I hereby present
Poem Number Two

Poem Number Two

Waiting, waiting, anticipating
My life is passing me by as I would type
Days turn to nights
Night turn to days

And still I wait
My patience endures
Longer than my flesh
Ageing, growing, evolving

In younger times
Time was as plentiful as water
A lifetime ahead
One lifetime of time

Well, times have changed
And that never-ending
Fountain of youth and years
Minutes and seconds seem so easily to

Slip through my fingers

As quickly as I can type
Making me hesitant to agree,
Very enthusiastically, to wait any
More longer than I should

Nowadays if there is something
I could possibly hope for –
Will have to go after it myself
And hope I catch it before I die

Which one would you prefer
It begs the question
Poem Number One
Or are you rather loving
Poem Number Two?
Would this possibly make
Poem Number Three

Coffee Time!